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EgoPay - registration:

  1. Open the website EgoPay.

  2. Click button "Create EGOPAY Account" (top right corner of the website):
    Create EGOPAY Account

  3. Fill in all fields:

    1. Account type - type of account. If you do not plan to sell services or goods, select personal.

    2. Email - it is also your login name and ID of your account (recommended gmail.com).

    3. Password - minimum of 8 characters, at least one digit and one capital letter

    4. Confirm Password - confirm the above password.

    5. PIN code - 5 characters.

    6. Confirm PIN code - confirm the above PIN code.

    7. Choose security color - appears at login (protection similar "personal welcome message" known to Liberty Reserve).

    8. Choose your country - choose a country you live in.

    9. Please type the words shown - rewrite the text from the image (CAPTCHA).

    10. Yes, I have read and agree to the following - select that we read and accept the rules.

    11. Click button "sign up".

  4. If all the fields are filled in correctly, you should see the message:

  5. The email address you entered during registration will be sent with confirmation of an account, and link verification, which must be opened in the browser.
    After successful activation you should see the message "Account activated".

  6. Now you can log in by clicking on the link "EGOPAY Account Login" and use the data provided during registration (email, password and PIN code).

  7. After logging in, you must provide additional information (advised to provide real data):

    1. Security question - eg, favorite color.

    2. Security answer - answer to this question.

    3. First name

    4. Last name

    5. Address

    6. Country

    7. City

    8. State

    9. Phone

    10. Choose which notifications you want to get by email.

    11. Choose the duration of the session.

EgoPay - deposit and withdraw from the account:

deposit can be made in two ways:
  1. directly from Payza (fees: $0.59 + 3.9%)

  2. through currency exchanger, e.g. from your bank account (now: Lilion Tranfer, xChanger, Swap Gold, EraChange).

withdraw can be made in two ways:
  1. directly on the Payza (fee: 2%)

  2. through currency exchanger, e.g. to a bank account (now: Lilion Tranfer, xChanger, Swap Gold, EraChange).

EgoPay - fees:

Account type:
The end of 2012.10.05: